What makes [2 WEEK] Hard Body so different?

  • Forget about counting calories

    The old "burn more calories than you consume" advice is dead wrong. I show you how to manage your weight through the TYPE, the TIMING, and the QUALITY of your calories.

  • 10 minute meals

    Proper nutrition is possible without wasting all your time in the kitchen. My quick meals are easy to prepare, delicious, and will give you consistent energy throughout the entire day.

  • Boring cardio sessions are for suckers

    Dreading the treadmill? Why bother? My BURST! workouts can be done in your own home in 7 minutes and will help you lose fat quicker than dull cardio sessions.

  • 15 years in the making

    Built from my own experiences experimenting with different nutritional and exercise techniques, I've found the best methods to lose body fat and keep it off for the good.

  • Boost your sex drive

    Sex life lacking? Once you begin to replenish your body with the right nutrients and kickstart your endorphins with my BURST! workouts: you'll have more than enough energy in bed!

  • Not another fad diet

    Mass market weight-loss programs promote slim-shakes and toxic meal replacement powders. 2WHB promotes unconventional nutrition with real fat loss results to back it up.

The BURST! workouts are awesome! I always hated doing cardio or going to the gym to stay fit - now I just BURST! for 7 minutes every morning. So easy!
Susi Iacopini
Nicola Dimaggio
Glamour Model
In a profession where you are dancing in your knickers all night, we always have to look our best! 2WHB introduced us to REAL food and showed us that by eating the right foods we can easily choose how slim we want to be.
Sarah & Lisa
London & Georgietta
Cabaret Entertainers
It's not just for women! Justus and 2WHB got me back in shape and ripped ... and just in time for my next show.
Johno Jagneaux
Johno Jagneaux
Sydney Hotshots Entertainer

Superhuman regeneration

Men and women all over the world have taken back their bodies using the principles of unconventional nutrition contained in 2WHB

I know you want to get your beach body back- and you will! But it's not just about fat loss, and once you begin changing your diet you will notice that your body will begin to slowly recover and repair itself.

It is not uncommon to experience the following after [TWO WEEK] Hard Body:

  • Disappearance of joint pain due to increased intake of 'good' fats and elimination of sugars.
  • Improved endothelial function (making sex better) due to elimination of fried foods and vegetable oils.
  • Reduction of advanced glycation end products, leading to smoother and healthier skin.
  • Constant energy and disappearance of mood swings by controlling glucose levels.
100% Money Back Guarantee

100% Money back guarantee

Taking the risk out of taking your body back

I want you to get your beach body back and succeed using my program, and I know that once you start eating the 2WHB way and begin your day with my powerful BURST! workouts you will know what I mean. Hundreds of men and women have taken their bodies back with 2WHB - and you can too.

I have so much confidence that [TWO WEEK] Hard Body will work for you that I personally guarantee it with a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If at any time within 60 days after you try my book and are not satisfied with the results just shoot me an email at justus@twoweekhardbody.com and I will refund 100% of your money back. No questions asked.

I wanted to provide a risk-free way for anyone to try 2WHB, and at the very least, to show people why the mass-market diet programs are full of lies and give anyone who wants it, the secrets, to long-term sustainable fat loss.


The story of [TWO WEEK] Hard Body

Justus Hanna is a bodyhacker and a fitness and nutrition researcher.

He began studying the effects of different exercise routines at the early age of 15, but didn't fully understand the importance of nutrition until ten years later. After five years of researching various combinations of exercise, fad dieting, nutrition, and mainstream nutrition garbage, Justus became disgusted with the misinformation that was being touted as 'expert' advice to people looking to lose weight ... which led him to develop a rough draft of [TWO WEEK] Hard Body. After testing his program on friends and colleagues, in 2013 he decided it was ready to go mainstream and twoweekhardbody.com was born.

Justus is constantly experimenting with new foods, new workout techniques, and pouring over medical journals and nutrition books to refine 2WHB with the latest developments in nutritional and exercise science.

Justus Hanna

NO EXCUSE ZONE: My book is far cheaper than your future medical bills. How much is dropping that flab worth to you? AND if you don't like it i'll refund your money. What excuse do you have left? Let's go!